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I was you.

You lie in bed exhausted - somewhere in between asleep and awake.

Coffee. Hot. Yum. 

Between the first sip of coffee and the last, you

  • Scroll your insta-feed,

  • Respond to a panicked email from a client,

  • Listen to news about the latest changes to Covid regulations,

  • Put away the dishes from last night. 

Between driving to your daughter’s play and taking your dog to the vet, you call clients, send invoices, and answer messages.

Between lying in bed and falling asleep, you make a mental note of all the tasks you have to do tomorrow, and the ones spilling over from today, yesterday, & last month.

More tasks, more things, more thoughts, more expectations…

Faster internet speeds Faster response times, faster delivery times…

More breaths. Faster breaths. Shallow breaths.

 Your in betweens get smaller, shorter… crammed.

Until One Day...

you find yourself standing at a massive, gaping in-between, 

  • a career you want to leave, and a dream you don’t yet have;

  • the married you, and you newly single;

  • a home bustling with kids (off to college), and an empty house; 

  • employed, fired, or retired

Between - enjoying a coffee with a loved one, and making peace with their passing away. 

Having to make big choices between

  • staying or leaving a long-term relationship or secure job. 

  • having or postponing having kids and building a family. 

And between having to figure out how to BE DIFFERENT, and CHOOSE DIFFERENT without blowing up your life.

You feel suspended, ungrounded, unpolished, unfamiliar to yourself….. Not in control.

This in-between gets bigger & longer. 

In between where you were and where you are.
In between where you are and where you want to be. 

The in-between grows.

I discovered:

The POWER of in-betweens

BARDO - A Tibetan word that means: “intermediate state”.

It is the place in between

In between being born & dying,
In between working & playing,
In between being conscious & asleep,

It is the space in between,
In between one breath & the next
And one action and the next.

A Bardo is the doorway that leads to new possibilities.
Every disruptive innovation was born from a Bardo. 

A Bardo is the space of heightened mental & even psychic abilities.
A Bardo is the charged silence a skilled negotiator uses to close record deals. 

A Bardo is where you go when you are in the zone.
A Bardo is in that moment before Neymar scored Brazil their first Olympic gold medal.

A Bardo is where you are before you reinvent yourself.

I became obsessed,

At Phoenix Internal Arts Academy, we are driven by the single-minded purpose, to help you




about sharing it with you!

When you are in our flow, you'll get:
  • Breathe Better, Live Longer: breathing is the #1 predictor of death and indicator of longevity. Access breathing techniques - from running, to working, keeping cool to unwinding, we’ve got you covered.

  • E-mote: are your feelz fudging your life? You are not alone. Get access to the practices and techniques that help you find your healthy expression, and turn your emotions into your powerhouse. 

  • Mindfulness in Motion: get bite-sized weekly qigong yin flows for relaxation and yang flows for physical & spiritual expansion. 

  • Inner-Game Dojo: say no with poise? Set boundaries easily? Recruit others into your vision? Drill your desired states & habits into your mind & body by joining our monthly safe space masterclasses with interactive practice drills and feedback. 

  • Magick Meditations: learn, from a ritual master of the Western Lineage (yours truly), the secret hermetic active meditation techniques people like Leonardo Da Vinci & Carl Jung used to switch into inspired states.

  • WORD for the Wise: (yup - that’s you) unlocking your inner-game master is a science & a craft, and you deserve better than flighty downloads, vague, shallow & baseless content. Get nuanced, novel & actionable weekly new content from the informed experience of yesterday’s giants and today’s top performers.

And much more!

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